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Chess Mate was founded by Manuel Aaron on August 22, 1982 and the first issue of the magazine came out in January 1983. It was a time when India had less than half a dozen International Masters and about 20 FIDE rated players. Chess Mate brought international and national news to Indian chess players in days when newspapers rarely published single column reports on major chess events and the internet did not exist. Most articles were written by Manuel Aaron who edited the magazine. He was a player, organiser, and an editor and the architect behind the founding of the magazine.

Dr N.Mahalingam supported the magazine with advertisements from some of his many companies. Dr Mahalingam was a rare patron in chess who created new schemes to the benefit of a common chess player if they became International Master or an International Grand Master. He also served as the President of the AICF from 1985-1989 and is a Patron of the AICF.

Each issue today is read by around 25,000 people from all walks of life. Chess Mate goes to various institutions besides the houses of chess players. It is privately held and run by Arvind Aaron, a former chess player who is the second son of Manuel Aaron. Chess Mate goes to every continent and most of our subscribers are in the various large cities of India. Chess Mate has played a small part in nourishing the Indian chess player.

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